Welcome to my blog/portfolio.

My name is Janne Rautiola, I live in Finland and I'm a software developer. Currently the blog focuses on new Xaml based development environments (meaning mostly WinRT and Windows Phone).

If you got any constructive criticism about programming or blog writing in general, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts. I'll also gladly discuss of anything programming related so send me an email if you got something on your mind.

I can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hits From The Blog

System brush resources list part 3: Windows 8.1 update

I have previously blogged about the default theme brushes Windows Store apps use: Part 1 Part 2 These posts were made pre-Windows 8.1 update so guess it’s time to make another post which include resources added in the update. There aren’t that many changes but it’s always nice to have the most up to date […]

Install Windows Store apps on tablet using powershell, a quick guide

Guide Here is a quick step-by-step instructions how to install Windows Store app on another device for testing: Publishing the app Right click on the project in Visual Studio Select Store -> Create App Packages… “Do you want to build packages to upload to the Windows Store” Choose NO and click Next Set location and […]